About 50s Style

Stylish home appliances with lively tones and retro design

A tribute to Smeg’s sensitivity and creative genius - the 50’s Retro Style line arises from a fusion of technology and aesthetics, of functionality and style, combining different cultural cues that evoke the unmistakable shapes and atmosphere of the 1950’s.

From the vivid colours inspired by Pop Art, to the rounded retro lines, the Smeg 50’s Retro Style line is a modern interpretation of traditional appliances which gives you a touch of typical Smeg: passion for innovation and for appliances as objects to be shown-off.

The 50’s Retro Style family, from the iconic FAB28 Refrigerator through to the latest generation of Small Domestic Appliances, is made up of a number of unique, versatile, nonconformist products - everyday objects transformed into pieces of furniture and design.

Over time Smeg 50’s Retro Style products have become real cult objects due to their individual personalities. Stars of a large variety of activities ranging from film and television productions to art installations, the 50’s Retro Style line is today one of the most prominent champions of Made in Italy design and has gained a wide ranging global audience.